We Are On A Mission

The Write Away Foundation facilitates and promotes education, job creation and health through the creation of media and sustainable business. This includes books, music, poetry, film, art and professional and vocational businesses. The Write Away Foundation targets and assists disadvantaged creators, writers, artists and disadvantaged job seekers to gain access to the tools, education and support they need to create and sustain themselves.[/text_output]


Targeted Audience

By identifying and addressing very specific groups who are disadvantaged in terms of creative expression, we bring the much needed elements of compassion and enablement to these people. We offer both the means and the opportunity to develop, produce and market the fruits of their creativity. Our current projects focus on youth and adult prisoners and ex-offenders.[/text_output]


Practicality At Work

Our audience is disadvantaged, and often requires a solution to economic hardship.┬áSo this is not a sponsored dilettante’s tea party. Practical business principles are taught and executed, with a view to developing viable artists and those in need of a job with at least a living wage earning potential.[/text_output]

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Our principal spokesperson, Eric Majors



[blockquote type=”right” cite=”Eric Majors”]For me writing and creating things in prison really helped me to grow and relieve stress. Sadly, the tools to gain an education and to even do basic writing really do not exist today in most U.S. Federal, state prisons or county jails, due to overcrowding and budget constraints. This made it really difficult for me to write what I did, using only pencil and paper, and sometimes not even having access to that. U.S. Prisons today are not the luxury hotels that many people have been falsely led to believe, and for many inmates studying what few books they can get their hands on and writing is literally all they have.

Please join me to make it possible for people who are suffering to have the chance to experience the therapeutic calming and educational benefits of creating written and other works of art. Projects like Write Away will not only help to reduce violence in prisons, but will help many ex-offenders to have a smoother transition back into society upon their release. Other projects will result in appropriate outcomes for whatever disadvantaged group we are targeting.[/blockquote]