Real Help

The “REAL HELP” Project

By supplying education, equipment and helping to develop real opportunities; the Write Away Foundation exists to help qualifying people overcome difficult circumstances through creation of jobs and the creation of self sustainable business ventures that provides jobs to people who are at risk.

PROBLEM: The Write Away Foundation has identified that there is really no “Second Chance” for most ex-offenders who exiting prison in the U.S. today.  Federal and State government programs provide little or no substantive support in regards to jobs for ex-offenders leaving prison. Most well intention-ed non-profits are grossly underfunded and without enough resources to make a real difference. The unfortunate reality is that there no “real help” for job seekers who are ex-offenders. Poor economic conditions and lack of awareness about the problem is impoverishing millions of U.S. Citizens who have criminal backgrounds and negatively affecting their associated family members and communities.

SOLUTION: The Write Away Foundation is working with for profit businesses to promote and assist with the hiring of ex-offenders in its “REAL HELP” project.  More specifically, the staff of the Write Away Foundation is helping ex-offenders to create their own for-profit, self sustainable businesses that seek to hire primarily ex-offenders and people with criminal records in their background who are also properly motivated, sincere, willing and able to work with higher than average levels of integrity and participate in special coaching while employed in order to rebuild their lives and make a positive difference in their communities.  The first self sustainable for profit business that the staff of the Write Away Foundation is assisting ex-offenders to create is a landscaping and pest control business in Pensacola.  The business is being created in cooperation with professionals from the landscaping industry. Other businesses will follow.